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chapter 01
If you don't face your problems,
they'll follow you wherever you go.
chapter 02
I studied fashion,
now I'm trying to change it.
chapter 03
So I decided to
give my city a chance.
chapter 04
Be prepared to sacrifice
everything for happiness.
chapter 05
I overcame my fears through my aspirations.
Hyoungtae Yohan
chapter 06
If you want to follow
your passion, make it your job.
chapter 07
The best day to get
started on something is yesterday.
chapter 08
Work smart to work less.
chapter 09
I have overcome difficulties by pushing myself even harder.
chapter 010
I am the sole master of my destiny.
Be prepared
to sacrifice everything
for happiness.
a story by Fernando Mora
Fernando Mora

Spurred by his passion for wine, Fernando Mora decided to leave his job as an engineer to dedicate himself completely to this world. Within just a few years, he became a Master of Wine, the industry’s most prestigious qualification. And now at the helm of two companies, he wants to continue developing along with his region and to bring fame to the Garnacha grape, to which he owes his success.

It started as a hobby.
It was 2008, and I was still working as an engineer, when my wife took me to visit a winery in La Rioja.

That experience, that first contact with wine, made such an impression on me that I wanted to make it my world.

Three months later I was making wine in my bathtub.
With my wife’s help, I planted vines in my parents’ garden to familiarise myself with growing techniques, and I began looking for business partners.
Together with Mario, my first partner, I produced my first real wine using the Garnacha, a variety typical of our region. We worked on the project for years, gradually learning everything there is to know about marketing, selling and, of course, wine.

We started organising tastings in restaurants, promoting our product throughout the region.
At one of these events I met Francisco, a lawyer from New York who took an instant liking to my wine, and together we exported it to the United States.

I think the key to achieving your objectives is being sociable.

You need to build a network of contacts and meet the right people, those who can show you how to do things.

Just as I was looking for ways in which to acquire more skills in the field of wine, for example, a friend invited me to a two-day seminar that was being held to select potential candidates for the Master of Wine course.

This is the most highly respected qualification in the wine industry; there are 69 of us throughout the world and only 2% of candidates pass the exam on their first attempt.
I left my job as an engineer and started studying.

At first, it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen; you just need to believe in yourself and go for it.

I didn’t know whether I would have enough money or ability to tackle this challenge. But what better opportunity to improve my business than to be surrounded by the world’s greatest wine lovers?

It was an intense period in my life. I had no money but I woke up every day with a smile on my face, because I knew that I was doing something for myself and my family.

In just two years and nine months, as I was developing my new business, I managed to become one of those 2% of students, and one of only two Spanish Masters of Wine.

My wife feared that I would be disappointed if I failed. But I was never concerned, even during the most difficult times. When you fund your own business as we do, the worst thing that can happen is that you have to close down.
You don’t owe money to anyone and you’ll probably manage to find another job.

Some people want a secure job, a comfortable position, and I respect their ability to be true to themselves: if risk is not for you, it’s only right to trust your own judgement.
But if you feel up to the challenge, then you should remember that at the end of the day it’s a game.
Having to change jobs, even if it’s to go and deliver pizzas, doesn’t scare me; I’ve done many jobs in my life and have loved them all. I’ve always kept an open mind and this has been a crucial factor throughout my career.

Even if things go wrong, life goes on and all you need to do is change course.

I don’t know where we’ll be tomorrow, but I believe that things will be even better. We started off selling 5,000 bottles of wine, and now we distribute 200,000 a year. In 2016 we launched BotijoRojo, one of our finest wines, which is now available in 35 markets. In order to succeed, I’ve had to be 100% dedicated to my business.

If you want your dream to come true you must be prepared to feel alone, to sacrifice almost everything, to have an empty wallet, to work like crazy.

I started producing wine without having a clear vision of where I was going, but I’ve always focused on quality and now my aim is to shine a light on this region.
There’s potential here: we have some of the oldest vines in Spain.
This is where the Garnacha was born, and we’re building the future of this region on this wonderful variety.

Now that the business has taken off and Bodegas Frontonio is one of the most interesting wineries, I want to concentrate more on production and communication. We have clients, and we need to cultivate their enthusiasm for wine.
I just want to enjoy myself and distance myself from the obsession with figures.

I would rather be a happy wine producer than just a businessman.

Essentially, my dream is simply to live doing what I love. Money is only money; freedom is what matters.
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Hyoungtae Yohan
I overcame my fears through my aspirations.
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