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chapter 01
If you don't face your problems,
they'll follow you wherever you go.
chapter 02
I studied fashion,
now I'm trying to change it.
chapter 03
So I decided to
give my city a chance.
chapter 04
Be prepared to sacrifice
everything for happiness.
chapter 05
I overcame my fears through my aspirations.
Hyoungtae Yohan
chapter 06
If you want to follow
your passion, make it your job.
chapter 07
The best day to get
started on something is yesterday.
chapter 08
Work smart to work less.
chapter 09
I have overcome difficulties by pushing myself even harder.
chapter 010
I am the sole master of my destiny.
I am
the sole master
of my destiny.
a story by Jakub

Before his life fell into a routine, Jakub decided to leave Paris and set off on a round-the-world trip with his girlfriend. In their “The Dreambox Project” they collect the dreams of the people they meet to try to make them come true through crowdfunding. This project is also changing him: now that routine is firmly in the past, Jakub can see his life more clearly and decide which of his own dreams to pursue.

My girlfriend and I have now been travelling the world for six months, “catching” dreams from people from each continent, recounting them on the website for “The Dreambox Project” and trying to make them a reality through crowdfunding.
I’ve always liked travelling, but before starting this initiative, I had never seriously considered the idea of a long, challenging trip around the world.

Things changed when I realised that I was following a pre-written path – degree, work, home and family – without even asking myself if it was what I wanted. My girlfriend had already found the answer to that question, and was ready to leave. And so, motivated by the prospect of sharing this adventure together, we set off.

Waiting for the right time to make your dream a reality is very dangerous because without realising, it is slowly slipping from your grasp.

Our fast-paced lives don’t help: we are obliged to concentrate on any number of things, except our aspirations.
Sometimes I have the impression that everyone is living in a bubble, concentrating on their own existence, mired in their own commitments, without any real contact with the world around them.
I needed to slow down. Two masters, two internships, then work, engagement, a house: everything was happening too quickly. I needed to put the brakes on before I found myself trapped in a life that didn’t make me happy.
I have burst my bubble and I have tried to reconnect with the world.
I had to gain a broader perspective about the possibilities that lay ahead of me in order to finally decide on the right life path.

To prepare myself, I had to overcome a few difficulties.
First of all, the challenge of getting the necessary funds together.
After I finished work at the office, I took off my suit, slipped into a t-shirt and shorts and delivered food on my bike.
It was exhausting, but every time I got on the saddle, the certainty of doing it for a good cause kept me going.

Other people’s opinions were another barrier. Apart from our friends and family, who supported us, many viewed our project with scepticism.

Having confidence in myself helped me to face my fears and the prejudices of others.

Many people considered our initiative eccentric. They didn’t understand why I wanted to use my savings to travel rather than buy a car.
Why would I ever want to leave behind a well-paid job and a nice house for an uncertain future? It’s not that this didn’t worry me too, but if I had managed to find a good job once, then why wouldn’t I manage to do so again?

The final obstacle was obtaining the right skills set. Since we were travelling for a project, we needed to ensure we had the necessary equipment to make it successful. I already had experience in building a website but I didn’t know anything about video editing.

To learn everything that I needed, I asked for help from the best free tutor available: the internet.

And so we managed to get the project off the ground and started to gather the dreams of so many people from around the world. Halfway through our journey, we have already managed to see incredible places, such as Moon Valley in Bolivia, as well as getting to know people whose memory I will always cherish.
For example, in one of the poorest areas in Colombia, we met a family in extreme financial difficulties: if we hadn’t intervened, they would soon have ended up on the street. We quickly started a crowdfunding campaign and thanks to the solidarity of this network, we soon managed to secure this family a chance at a brighter future.

Before my Leap of Faith, I was grounded but lacking the idealism and folly that give you the drive to achieve great things. I was part of a system that I had never questioned and I was following a path that everyone considers “normal”. Travelling has helped me to open up my mind and realise that there is no “normal” journey, that the world is not black and white, and that there are infinite shades of grey.

I have learned to be the sole master of my destiny. And to achieve that, I should not allow anyone to decide how I live my life.

I now have the conviction that if you really put your mind to it and strive for what you believe in, in all likelihood, you will succeed in making your dreams come true.

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If you don't face your problems,
they'll follow you wherever you go.
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