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chapter 01
If you don't face your problems,
they'll follow you wherever you go.
chapter 02
I studied fashion,
now I'm trying to change it.
chapter 03
So I decided to
give my city a chance.
chapter 04
Be prepared to sacrifice
everything for happiness.
chapter 05
I overcame my fears through my aspirations.
Hyoungtae Yohan
chapter 06
If you want to follow
your passion, make it your job.
chapter 07
The best day to get
started on something is yesterday.
chapter 08
Work smart to work less.
chapter 09
I have overcome difficulties by pushing myself even harder.
chapter 010
I am the sole master of my destiny.
If you want to
live by your passion, you
have to turn it into a job.
a story by Nicoletta Crisponi
Nicoletta Crisponi

Nicoletta Crisponi left her job in a communications agency in Milan to pursue her dream of visiting the entire world and test the 3-degrees-of-separation theory, finding hospitality only through her network of friends. Now that her journey is drawing to a close, she’s considering whether, and above all how, to turn this experience into a full-time job.

I've been going around the world for 12 months and the question I've heard most often since I started is, "How do you support yourself?". For many, it’s incredible that I’m actually working.

It may seem that I currently have an extraordinary life, and in some ways, it's really like that. But it is also very tiring.

Setting out, spending a year away from your family, and travelling alone, counting only on a network of friends, and friends of friends, is not easy. New destinations, new faces, new routes, the continuous flow of information doesn't allow you to relax, even for a moment.

As with any leap into
the void, a dash of
unawareness was called for.

It's what you call "biting off more than you can chew".As much as you might be able to program everything (and it's important to do it), the unexpected is always around the corner. You need to learn to live with and surrender to this as needed during the course of events.

I had an impromptu realization that came about by chance while going to Bologna in Bla Bla Car. A travelling companion told me about the Round the World Ticket for the first time, and I turned it into a reality. Life is full of signals like this. We need know how to recognise and grasp them. All the rest is done by determination.

The problem is that Italy is not culturally ready to support choices like mine.

For example, the advantages of smart working are not understood.
We have a constant need for control, strict schedules, and programmed holidays which don't allow you to organise your work independently. If I finished my work at four o'clock, why should I stay in the office until six? It's not ideal for me or those who have to pay me.

I love my job and I love travelling. Is it possible to sacrifice one passion for another?

I understood that to travel, I had to fire myself.
Port Barton Palawan Philippinnes
Lake Side Pokhara Nepal
Lancelin Sand Dunes Australia

I've always been an independent woman, and before giving up a secure source of income and setting off, I had to save for two years. These were years of big and little sacrifices, like resisting a few dinner invitations.

When you're a blogger, your network is your resource and your currency. However, at the beginning, I didn’t have a community to offer to the brands. I had to find a way to present my project to companies that might be credible in order to get their support and save money.

This is the part that most intrigues those who would like to do my same work. There's no simple answer though.

It can sound ruthless, but if you have no idea how to get sponsors, chances are you'll never succeed.

A project like this requires research, study and a deep knowledge of marketing, because working with brands is complex. Even if you’re in constant motion, you have to know how to guarantee precision and punctuality.

The fact that I am travelling and have gathered so many people around me is, in itself, already an end goal. I am the face of this project, but behind the scenes there are around ten staff. They help me create content for the blog and my social networks. They’re all volunteers, and not being able to reward them in any way makes me feel guilty.

I'll consider this project a success if I can also give my staff the same opportunity.

To succeed, I have to understand if this experience can become a real job and a full-time profession. The first thing I'll do once I get home is to enjoy a bit of relaxation. The second will be to take a look at this year's work and assess whether it's worthwhile going forward or starting something new.

I've never been afraid to start all over again. What really scares me is to get stuck in the routine.
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The best day to get
started on something is yesterday.
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