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Kim, Kaan, Roel, Yohan, Claudio, Fernando, Masaharu.
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chapter 01
If you don't face your problems,
they'll follow you wherever you go.
chapter 02
I studied fashion,
now I'm trying to change it.
chapter 03
So I decided to
give my city a chance.
chapter 04
Be prepared to sacrifice
everything for happiness.
chapter 05
I overcame my fears through my aspirations.
Hyoungtae Yohan
chapter 06
If you want to follow
your passion, make it your job.
chapter 07
The best day to get
started on something is yesterday.
chapter 08
Work smart to work less.
chapter 09
I have overcome difficulties by pushing myself even harder.
chapter 010
I am the sole master of my destiny.


Ten people, ten stories, ten different ways to affirm one's own freedom. We have searched all over the world to understand, in their own words, what it means to be a master of your own destiny and to put a face to the values that have always driven Police.
These are the testimonies of those who proved to be curious enough to see what might be beyond their own routine, who had the strength to desire it, and the tenacity to achieve it.
Because life is the result of the choices we make. Some of them, the most radical ones, have the power to rewrite our own history and unmistakably define who we are.

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