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chapter 01
If you don't face your problems,
they'll follow you wherever you go.
chapter 02
I studied fashion,
now I'm trying to change it.
chapter 03
So I decided to
give my city a chance.
chapter 04
Be prepared to sacrifice
everything for happiness.
chapter 05
I overcame my fears through my aspirations.
Hyoungtae Yohan
chapter 06
If you want to follow
your passion, make it your job.
chapter 07
The best day to get
started on something is yesterday.
chapter 08
Work smart to work less.
chapter 09
I have overcome difficulties by pushing myself even harder.
chapter 010
I am the sole master of my destiny.
I overcame
my fears through
my aspirations.
a story by Hyoungtae
Yohan Kim
Yohan Kim

During his first life, Hyoungtae Yohan Kim was an interaction designer from Seoul. Then he decided he wanted to give his dream of becoming a photographer a chance. At 30, he therefore moved to Milan to try and make it happen.

Cinema and photography always were my greatest passions. I let a small analogue camera guide my first steps into this world; as a child, I would spend entire afternoons in the school's darkroom developing my photographs.
When I finished my studies and graduated, I took a different path and started working as an interaction designer.

I gradually lost touch with my dream. I was a sad sight to behold at that stage of my life.

Asian culture doesn’t allow much leisure time for us to devote to ourselves and our passions. Work often drags on until late at night or the weekend. There wasn't much time left for me, and photography became little more than a hobby.

I realized that I didn't want to give up on my projects, so I came to Europe looking for a culture that would enable me to make them happen.

Some people are ok with the idea of setting childhood dreams aside. They tell themselves that it is natural to do so. Not me.

In order to move to Italy and be able to stay for longer than a few months, I enrolled in a master's degree programme for interaction design, and I was lucky enough to secure a scholarship.
Milan seemed like the perfect fit for me: a hub of fashion and design where I could find all the inspiration I needed for my projects. At the same time, I joined a group of photographers who work all over Europe. I shared my passion with them, and learnt from them.

Making the decision to leave wasn’t easy.
I am no longer a 20-year-old who can count on others to help him. There were many, starting with my family, who asked me to ponder carefully before taking this step. It wouldn’t have been the first time someone had come to Europe chasing a dream, and ended up feeling lost.

There is no appropriate age to stop pursuing your dreams. But of course the older you get, the harder it is to handle change.

I overcome fear by trying not to overthink things, I prefer to let instinct guide me.
Photography is now all I think about. Here, I can finally dedicate all the time I need to doing what I love. I wait for two or three hours before shooting a landscape; I need to tune into the place and fully comprehend it before I can capture that fleeting emotion.
I wait for a sign, and the signs I choose tell the story of who I am, of what I am.

Every photo is an achievement for me. But seeing my shots in an important magazine or in an exhibition would be the real fulfilment.

I'm already doing some work with a few Korean magazines. Some friends and I write articles in which we describe what it's like to live here.
I miss my country, things that were familiar to me in Korea, and I'm trying to turn this feeling into a story about nostalgia, to convey this elusive feeling to my fellow countrymen.

Despite the distance, being in a place where I can fulfil my dreams gives me the strength I need, and I know everything will be ok as long as I can take pictures.
As the American scholar John Augustus Sheed put it:

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

My lifestyle at the moment may be less secure, but this ship is taking me to my next destination.

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If you want to follow
your passion, make it your job.
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